Word Search Puzzle – He That Dwelleth

Psalm ninety-one is one of the most beautiful passages found in the Scriptures. Many will simply open their Bible and leave it open there. The Psalm is meant to be taken in, eaten, digested and believed. It needs to be made ours, and have the assurance that if we dwell in God’s presence, then we shall surely have his protection.

For this word search puzzle, we have not provided the full verse (our preferred way for passages like this one) but just picked a few meaningful words. When searching for a particular word in the puzzle, try to bring to memory the particular verse where the word is contained. As you exercise your memory.

Note: We are currently finishing the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, but will certainly start working on the book of Psalms right after. Stay tuned!

We have provided a high-quality, ready to print PDF. The solution is also included. Download HERE.

He That Dwelleth



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